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The Haven World

[Pinned] How to gain access to the Haven World?

Hello everyone,The Synergy Haven World is accessible only to members with the rank of Honored or higher. Only members with the Protector rank can be promoted to Honored. Recruits and Guards will just have to wait to achieve the Protector rank firs...
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The Haven World

[Pinned] Haven World rules

Hello everyone,Because we have had quite a few problems/accidents with people using the Haven World, here are some rules to keep in mind.Breaking these rules will lead to a ban from the guild.• Close all the doors in the Haven World. It doesn’t ma...
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The Website & Forums

[Pinned] Chatbox on the Synergy page!

Hello everyone!There is an option on this website to use the chatbox. I think it is great. This way we can still talk to each other, whenever we can not log on to the game for some reason. The downside is that the chatbox turns out to be a bit har...
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The Haven World

[Pinned] Haven World [Useful Links]

Hello everyone!On request, I created this thread to put all the useful links with Haven World information together. You can click on the names to go to the pages.Devblog: Haven Worlds, October 19 2012Interview with Azael, March 23 2013Information ...
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The Haven World

[Pinned] [OLD] Haven Worlds Information

Haven Worlds will become one of the main features of Wakfu in 2013. Synergy is very actively preparing for them. Let me explain to you what Haven Worlds are exactly, how they work and how you can benefit from them.More information can be found in ...
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[Pinned] Ranks and Rights
The Guild

[Pinned] Ranks and Rights

Hello everyone!Below you can find the ranks we use within Synergy, along with the rights that come with them.Feel free to ask any questions about them or leave your comments.~ Karah------Ranks and rightsRecruitNewly invited people.Rights: None Alt...
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The Guild

[Pinned] Welcome to Synergy !

Before I begin , I would like to say that this topic was not created to offend or blame anyone , but to teach and help new players integrate in our guild . This post contains some guidelines for behaviour inside the guild .1. Set data basesFirst q...
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The Guild

[Pinned] Questions, suggestions and opinions

Hello everyone,I'd like to ask you to leave all your suggestions, questions and opinions on anything guild-related in this topic. We'll try to constantly keep improving the guild and we do need your help with that! Anything's more than welcome :)~...
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iOP v2.0

Iop Revamp hit the Beta server so I'm doing some testing. I'll be posting random info here that I find interesting, but for the most part, it seems to be all about combos for Fire/Air Iops. This is the build I mostly played with:A huge mechanic th...
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Useful Weblinks

Here just some weblinks i found useful in general. - useful for game mechanics - the set builder is great for planning your spells - for osamodas to c...
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New Year Quiz

Quiz infoTo participate in the quiz, members must donate 500kamas to the guild (this is for HW upgrades). These donations can be made to either Gedi or Karah. The donation must have been made before the quiz ends, but you will be able to see the q...
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Wakfu Advent Calendar

Hey everyone!Don't forget to do the Advent Calendar this year! No idea what the prices are, but hey, might be good.So this year they do this thing with puzzles. You get a hint and then you have to click the correct picture on the calendar.SPOILER:...
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Noze build

Hi! For those that don't know noze is my fire ecaflip (lvl 90). That being said, I wanted to ask you guys what passives/actives would you pick with the next patch revamp. I can say that I use Die Alright A LOT now and because of that I choose not ...
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The Guild

Guild Photos! Woo!

Heeey everyone! Sorry for the delay - here are the gifs and photos from the picture day :DThe gifs may take awhile to load and they'll probably look rather choppy while they do.GIFS (click to enlarge)Best gif Nuage's gender is a mysteryI accidenta...
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Secret Santa

Christmas is coming up and we are doing a Secret Santa event within the guild! :DThe idea is that every participant buys presents for another participant for Christmas.Anyone who wants to participate can add their name to this thread. On the 21st ...
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Long-Distance Weapon Smith level 0-100 [Guide]

Hey everyone,I made a guide on how to level Long-Distance Weapon Smith from 0 to 100. This guide does not use the crafting bonuses from guild and/or nation. There is a version for with or without Mea Culpa Potion, though.I put it all in a Word doc...
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General Discussion

Wakfu Jokes

Came across this thread on the Wakfu forums, with all kinds of class puns and jokes. I liked it, so share!Click here to go to the jokes.
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General Discussion

How to make kamas

Hey hey!So recently I have been QQing about the economy in Wakfu and that I need money and I can't seem to get any. So I made a thread on the Wakfu forums, asking for suggestions on how to make money in game.I thought it might be useful to share t...
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The Guild

Game Over!

Not sure where else to put this. I've had to make a sudden drastic real-life move due to health reasons, and won't be able to play wakfu anymore for the foreseeable future (the only possible wireless connection is firewalled). I will login as so...
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The Guild

Ranks & Rights - Comments

Hello,in the original thread, it's mentioned "Feel free to ask any questions about them or leave your comments." but the thread is locked preventing us from leaving messages xDMy comment on the subject is that it's nowhere mentioned how to achieve...
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