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iOP v2.0

Iop Revamp hit the Beta server so I'm doing some testing. I'll be posting random info here that I find interesting, but for the most part, it seems to be all about combos for Fire/Air Iops. This is the build I mostly played with:A huge mechanic th...
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Useful Weblinks

Here just some weblinks i found useful in general. - useful for game mechanics - the set builder is great for planning your spells - for osamodas to c...
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Noze build

Hi! For those that don't know noze is my fire ecaflip (lvl 90). That being said, I wanted to ask you guys what passives/actives would you pick with the next patch revamp. I can say that I use Die Alright A LOT now and because of that I choose not ...
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Water-Fire Eniripsa build

Hello everyone,I am not experienced with Eniripsa's that much at all, but nontheless, here is the build I have on my own Eni. It works fine, I just need to figure out if I'm satisfied with my current AP or not. And my gear needs some serious updat...
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Tri-Element Tank Sacrier build

Hey hey,Here is my Tri-Element tank Sacrier build. I put +1 AP, but I would not do that next time around, I think. Currently I have 10 AP and I simply don't need it. I will level Angrr up further in the future, and go for Cling to Life after that....
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Tri-Element Osamodas build

Hey hey,Here is my Tri-Element Osa build. I use Gobgob and dragonform on her currently. Maybe when she is higher level, I will level up more summon buffs and then go summoner osa as well. I put +1 AP, but one might decide against it. It's not requ...
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{Class} Pandawa

discussion and buildsIt's me:
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[Guide] Mango's Tribrid Combat Sram Build (After Steam Update)

If u interested to new sram u could check this out.
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[Complete] Sram Revamp Info. Me like

Sram Revamp looks nice me like
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[Osamodas] Name Summons - Vote please!!

Hello everyone!It has been ages since we last were able to name our Osas summons and I personally dearly miss it.:(So there's this thread on the Wakfu Forums in which people vote for the summon naming to be back!PLEASE VOTE TOO!!Click here.~ Karah
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[Request] Air Dragon Osa

Hi I recently made an Air Dragon Osa and dont know much about what gear / stats I should get. From my experience with grouping with them in the past I only know that I should really aim for 10 ap (9 without dragon mode) and 5 / 6 mp - and use the ...
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someone go here and talk classe now!

ye donno why i am here so someone find out!oh classe talk olny
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