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Milkar the Moowolf

Panda Strategy for moo.

That's the positioning for the fight.Panda needs at least 6 mp and 6 ap! i suggest having 8 ap, tho. Believe me, it saves butts.Position the barrel to the side, get moo...And throw him there!Place the barrel in front of you again.Now, when moowolf...
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Milkar the Moowolf

[OLD] Moo "Keeping Away" Strategy - With Jumps

Hello guildies, these weeks I've been trying to figure out an strategy to keep away the UB Moowolf using me as a "swap beacon" for a Fire-Sacrier. Since I'm useless on all of the UB, but I still need that dagger, that's how I found a way to be a l...
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Milkar the Moowolf


It had been a great day for Riko, he punched a lot of people (even Ben!) by the morning and ended in second place on the Forfut Hunger Games. Second place wasn’t exactly what he wanted, but getting his arse kicked by a 6000 HP Sacrier isn’t exactl...
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