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(Mar 17, 2016)
Hey honey !!! Naaah i'm not goin back playin', it was nostalgy time yday when i accidently found Synergy site )) Annnnd wht song i'v seen some teasers but don't remember any songs =\ Happy to see ur messages =3
(Mar 17, 2016)
Saccar, heey! Are you back to playing? Did you see the new Game of Thrones trailer and which song they used? ;)
(Mar 17, 2016)
Heeey 0o
(Jan 28, 2016)
my sweet eni :D
(Jan 26, 2016)
Woah woah, that eni! What happened there :P
(Jan 25, 2016)
ok I couldn't but to post this :D this one is from Synergy :p (I'm not telling who)
(Jan 12, 2016)
Huppermages are sick dudes.
(Dec 09, 2015)
yap One Punch Man is awesome :D
(Dec 03, 2015)
Haha, Scorpy's addicted to it as well :P
(Dec 03, 2015)
One Punch Man is awesome. Watch it if you like cartoons and super heroes.
(Nov 16, 2015)
I see.
(Nov 16, 2015)
I wouldn't say we're all the way back, but there are still some pretty active people in the guild
(Nov 15, 2015)
I noticed some people from Synergy running around. Does this mean Synergy is back?
(Nov 12, 2015)
Hahha, it's up to you, really :) If you want to be back in Synergy, then go go go!
(Nov 12, 2015)
including the guild leader himself!
(Nov 12, 2015)
I mean, I am a vise in a 4 months old guild, I can move back with the most worthy players to Synergy and then the guild will be alive again
(Nov 12, 2015)
If you would like to, I can come back with an army!
(Nov 12, 2015)
I think there is still quite a few active people in the guild, actually. I am not sure when I will come back, tough.
(Nov 11, 2015)
Any idea if this guild will rise one more again?