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Hello everyone,

The Synergy Haven World is accessible only to members with the rank of Honored or higher.

Only members with the Protector rank can be promoted to Honored. Recruits and Guards will just have to wait to achieve the Protector rank first, which one can get by being around in the guild for a while, being active and being loyal.

When a Protector wants to gain access to the Haven World, here is what to do:
1. PM either Karah, Scorpy or Tallow and ask them if they can promote you to Honored.
2. You will have to donate 100.000 kamas or 250.000 resource points. These kamas/points will be used to further improve our Haven World. Make sure to PM Tallow, Scorpy or Karah before you donate!!!
3. Karah, Tallow or Scorpy will then open up the Haven World for you. They will tell you about the Haven World and what rules you have to keep in mind. If you want to read the rules ahead of time, you can find them here.
4. Your rank will then be upgraded to Honored.
5. Save the Phoenix Statue inside the Haven World.
6. Now you can access the Haven World any time you like by using a Recall Potion or typing /suicide in chat (killing yourself and spawning at the phoenix).
7. In case you save your phoenix anywhere else, your rank will be proof that you deserve access to the Haven World. Just ask Karah, Scorpy or Tallow to let you in again and re-save your statue there.

~ Karah
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