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#10451695 Dec 25, 2014 at 06:04 PM · Edited over 3 years ago
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Quiz info

To participate in the quiz, members must donate 500kamas to the guild (this is for HW upgrades). These donations can be made to either Gedi or Karah. The donation must have been made before the quiz ends, but you will be able to see the quiz before deciding wether to pay or not.

The questions will be based upon the lore of wakfu, the anime and the games English versions, however if you use the names used in another language, those will be accepted given that im able to confirm those answers.

Rules are the following:
- No alts are allowed
- Only the final answer presented will be valid, the others will be ignored.
- If the answer given is unclear, it will be discussed, and you might be asked to explain why you decided to answer the way you choose.
- The prizes you get will depend on how many points you get (max 20)
- You can work in groups or alone to solve the quiz, but only answer for yourself.
- answers can be sent to Gedi on the guild homepage.
- The quiz will start the 31st december, and end on the 3rd January 23:59 (servertime). prizes will be delivered when all answers are checked and confirmed.


1st price (19-20 points)
3 x transmutation 160

2nd price (16-18 points)
1 x transmutation 160 + 1 x transmutation 120

3rd price (13-15 points)
5000 kamas

There will also be given out a Vamprada here to the 2 persons who scored the highest. If more than 2 people had the top score, this will be decided by who sent in their final answer first.

Also there might be a secret prize for participants, but who knows.

edit: the quiz is over
#10468730 Dec 31, 2014 at 04:16 PM · Edited over 3 years ago
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wakfu quiz

(1 point) 1. who gave ogrest his name?

(1 point) 2. what was the ogrest named after (where does his name come from)?

(1 point) 3. who is goultard?

(2 points) 4. what are the creature(s) that hatch from an dofus?

(1 point) 5. what is the identity of the black crow (the one riding it)?

(2 points) 6. where does alibert live, and how do u make his famous stew?

(2 points) 7. why is nox "obsessed" with ghatering wakfu?

(1 point) 8. how do u aquire an seal of companionship?

(4 points) 9. from what 4 mines can u go to the riktus elite dungeon?

(2 points) 10. how do u aquire the item with the following description"I don't know what the Piwis are eating up there, but the stench is out of this world.", and what is it called

(3 points) 11. what do the following dungeons have in common?
holla hopiwi the tofuhouse gobbal pastures celestial piwi dungeon.

enjoy the quiz, and if anyone wants to change their answer, just send me an new message withur new answers. if you do this, the last message will be the one that counts.

edit: the quiz is over
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