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Iop Revamp hit the Beta server so I'm doing some testing. I'll be posting random info here that I find interesting, but for the most part, it seems to be all about combos for Fire/Air Iops.

This is the build I mostly played with:

A huge mechanic that increases (lol) your damage by a lot is the Power+Concetration Mechanic. You get it by maxing out Show Off.
Basically like Sram Weak Points, you gather Power AND Concentration for casting spells. Once you reach 100 Concentration you get Preparation which increases your Final Damage by 20% for the next damage spell.
Power is a flat out Final Damage buff that decreases by 50% at the end of your turn.
10 Power = 1% Final Damage

Name [Abbreviation] {cost to cast}(real cost) costs might be wrong, it's late OK?! :(
Spell order
CP - Combo Points = concentration/power gain
* - if you start with 0 Concentration a spell marked with that will get the Preparation buff.

Flurry Combo [FC]{4AP 2WP}(2AP 1WP)
Uppercut > Jabs > Uppercut > Flurry
60 CP

Jabs Combo [JC] (6AP 1MP)
Gust > Jabs > Jabs
50 CP

Jump Combo Finisher [JCF]{14AP 4MP 2WP}(12AP 4MP 1WP)
Jump > Gust > Gust > Uppercut > Uppercut > Judgment > *Judgment

Wombo Combo [WBC]{14AP 2MP 2WP}(12AP 2MP)
JC > FC > *Judgment
110 CP

Preparation Wrath Finisher [PWF]{14AP 2MP 3WP}(12AP 2MP 1WP)
Gust > FC > Judgment > *Wrath
135 CP

DMG on a 0% resist monster:

Double Jabs Combo [DJC](12AP 3MP)
I'm pretty sure they'll nerf it so that combos have to hit a target :(

PS. Ohshit it's 2am I should go to bed... zzz..
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