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Long-Distance Weapon Smith level 0-100 [Guide]

Hey everyone,I made a guide on how to level Long-Distance Weapon Smith from 0 to 100. This guide does not use the crafting bonuses from guild and/or nation. There is a version for with or without Mea Culpa Potion, though.I put it all in a Word doc...
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Close Combat Weapon Master [how to]

Hello everyone!Here is a list of all the materials you will need if you want to level your Close Combat Weapon Master from 0 - 100.Note: This is with Mea Culpa. Without, it would be twice the amount of resources.Click here.~ Karah
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Profession crafts XP

Crafts XP Table It's something I was linked by Paragoz back when I was planning out CC WM.It is useful if you wondered how much XP a certain recepie gives.At the bottom you can find all the sheets, just find the one you're looking for.Peace out,S...
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[OLD] Odah the Breadwizard Guildservices

Hello mortals,I have recently ascended from apprentice breadwizardry to Master Breadwizard.( Level 95 baker)First i'd like to thank a couple of people that helped me with reaching this achievement of a lifetime. One can imagine that reaching Maste...
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100 Gathering!!!

i dit it! 100 in all of the Gathering!!!now Karah were is my cake?
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[OLD] 70+ Handyman

Hey guys!I am looking for a level 70+ Handyman, to help me craft some awesome Herbalist Bags. I have the materials.If anyone knows one, please let me know!~ Karah
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Scorp's Craft Exp thingy

SpreadsheetMea Culpa potions made me count stuff, so I put it in a spreadsheet, may be useful for some people.Peace,Scorpy
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High level crafters/gatherers

Hello everyone!I found this list with crafters and gatherers on Remington with their levels. I am not sure how up to date it is, but I think it might be useful :)Wakfu Cloud~ Karah
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