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Gwand Viziew boss fight music

Just because it is awesome!
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[Merkator Guide] Because Merkator is an asshole

Uzed's Merkator Guide Table of content:1. General info2. Energy Charge3. Wakfu Charge/Stasis Charge/Neutral Charge (Why you randomly died)4. Hitting Merkator5. General TipsGeneral infoThis is Merkator.At first glance he seems like a chump, only le...
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Shudoku (level 110 Whisper Dungeon)

Hello everyone!Click here for a video that shows the Shudoku boss fight in the level 100 Whisper Dungeon.Maybe I will create a video about the strategy myself some time. But for now, here is this video.~ Karah
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Dungeon Videos [March 28 2013] Updata

so i start to make some Dungeon videosand i wont love your feed back on what you like and what you dis likeGrandmeow's House Dungeon Click hereBoarthroom Dungeon Click hereHouse of Destiny Click hereHouse of Respite Click hereHouse of Trouble Clic...
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So Close, so Far...

This is the story of a brave osa, one who decided take on the world with a back against the wall and never say die attitude. Lokei entered Cloudy dung on his own; why?... to be in the history books? unlikely... coz he is badass... maybe but no... ...
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