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Karah / Sep 22, 2014
Dear guild members,

The current ranks and the rights that come with them, seem a little out-dated to me. For example: with the additional compartments in the guild vault, it would be nice to give members access to more of them as they reach a higher rank. Some changes will be made to when and how to access Haven World (more info: click here). This will be integrated in the new ranks as well.

Some things that might change in the ranks (please note that these changes are not 100% certain!):

- A new rank, one higher than ‘Hero’: ‘Second in Command’.
- A new rank, one step either above or below ‘Protector’. No name known yet.
- ‘Doppleganger’ will change its name to show more clearly this rank concerns alts.
- Vault managing rights will increase in correlation with the ranks.
- Only ‘Protectors’ and higher ranks will be allowed to enter the Haven World.

The changes are likely to be integrated on either Friday the 26th or Sunday the 28th of September.

~ Karah
Karah / Sep 22, 2014
Dear guild members,

As leader of Synergy, I am very proud of our Haven World. It is a lovely place to meet fellow guild members, to practice professions and to travel cheaply. We have worked hard to make it both beautiful and practical.

There is also has a downside to managing this nice little piece of the game. Ever since we bought the Haven World, there have been accidents, most of which – I am sure – were unintentional. As most of us know, there has been the everlasting issue with people not closing the doors in the Haven World, leading to outsiders entering and taking resources, or mobs escaping out of their pens. Please note that the latter leads to mass reproduction of mobs all over the Haven World, which takes about four hours (!!) to correct. Other problems we have run into are people planting mobs outside of the pens or taking (decorative) resources without replanting them.

I personally love the Haven World, and as I said before, I am very proud of how we have built it so far. The reason that it has been accessible to everyone is that I enjoy to share the beauty and convenience of it.

Sadly, the accidents mentioned above are stacking and making me want to revisit the accessibility of the Haven World, to prevent them from happening much more often. I feel like some people are not enough aware of the effort that has been put in to the Haven World and (or) are careless.

On either Friday the 26th or Sunday the 28th of September, guild members will have to meet certain requirements in order to be allowed access to the Haven World. (Please note that these changes are not 100% certain yet!)

- Only ‘Protectors’ and higher ranks will be allowed to enter the Haven World.
- In order to be allowed access, one has to donate either 100 000 kamas or 250 000 resource points.
- Beforehand, people who want access will receive a tour, personally organized by your (awesome! :D) guild leader or second highest in rank, in which details about the Haven World are explained.

To raise some more appreciation for our Haven World, a couple of ‘did you knows’:

Did you know…?
- … that we spent about 5 million kamas to build the Haven World to what it is now?
- … that this also cost nearly 8 million resource points so far?
- … we had to fight pretty hard to get this pretty and suiting spot for our Haven World in Sufokia?
- … travelling by Zaap from the Haven World only costs 50 kamas, which is half the price of any other Zaap?
- … the plant rate in the Haven World is about 75%, thanks to our upgraded Laboratory?
- … we have four fields to plant trees and five pieces of farmland?
- … all herbs in game, even the Enurado ones, are available in our Haven World?
- … houses in the Haven World allow us to have extra compartments in the Guild Vault?

~ Karah
Karah / Jul 16, 2014
For the past couple of months, Synergy has almost bled out. Hardly any members were still playing and most of the ones that did, left.
For myself, I can say I have picked up the game a bit again and I am liking it. Also, I have seen quite a few members playing still/again.
So... better days ahead for Synergy..? :)

~ Karah
Karah / Sep 10, 2013
Greetings and salutations!

Since Karah's is very busy in the coming week, there will be changes coming to the Hero and Leader Rank.
Hero will lose "change members rank" (because Ankama doesn't know how to code) and "co-leader" will get additional ranks, like getting upgrades for the guild and managing Haven World. Thank you for the understanding

- Karah and Piispa
Karah / Aug 10, 2013
Hello everyone!

Synergy is working hard to create new Ultimate Boss groups.

Please click here to view the Ultimate Boss groups.

If you see your name in one of the groups, please let us know if you want to join that group or not and which day+time would be good for you!

You can post your message in the forum thread or contact me in game.

~ Karah