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What's stirring..?

Karah / Jul 16, 2014
For the past couple of months, Synergy has almost bled out. Hardly any members were still playing and most of the ones that did, left.
For myself, I can say I have picked up the game a bit again and I am liking it. Also, I have seen quite a few members playing still/again.
So... better days ahead for Synergy..? :)

~ Karah


Now that it is free2play I think I can return :o I have 3 accounts with mea culpa last time I checked so multi is now an option lol
Would be great to see you again in game! :D
i'm still playing but in other guild, any way if you need help for somethig i'm more then happy to help around :D miss you all :3
Will certainly do! You are always welcome back, even if it's with your Enu alt ;)

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