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Ranks & Rights revamp

Karah / Sep 22, 2014
Dear guild members,

The current ranks and the rights that come with them, seem a little out-dated to me. For example: with the additional compartments in the guild vault, it would be nice to give members access to more of them as they reach a higher rank. Some changes will be made to when and how to access Haven World (more info: click here). This will be integrated in the new ranks as well.

Some things that might change in the ranks (please note that these changes are not 100% certain!):

- A new rank, one higher than ‘Hero’: ‘Second in Command’.
- A new rank, one step either above or below ‘Protector’. No name known yet.
- ‘Doppleganger’ will change its name to show more clearly this rank concerns alts.
- Vault managing rights will increase in correlation with the ranks.
- Only ‘Protectors’ and higher ranks will be allowed to enter the Haven World.

The changes are likely to be integrated on either Friday the 26th or Sunday the 28th of September.

~ Karah


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