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(Feb 06, 2015)
Welcome ;)
(Feb 05, 2015)
Hey Karah when are you available to send me a Ginvite?
(Jan 29, 2015)
So, what up
(Jan 25, 2015)
What about you - are you back to the game?
(Jan 24, 2015)
Heey Uzed! We are, but we are a bit quieter than we used to. The whole game has been going a bit quiet.
(Jan 24, 2015)
You guys still alive? :p
(Jan 06, 2015)
(Dec 31, 2014) How I feel about profs.
(Dec 31, 2014)
(Dec 30, 2014)
You can send people a private message on this website, so you can ask them when they'll be online.
(Dec 29, 2014)
so ive been away for awhile i bought my person a gift wasnt able to give em it
(Dec 28, 2014)
(Dec 28, 2014)
merry christmas "new guild"
(Dec 28, 2014)
guys, I need 1more token to get an excarnus item with khiop can you help me :$
(Dec 25, 2014)
Merry Christmas :D
(Dec 25, 2014)
Merry Christmas!
(Dec 15, 2014)
(Dec 15, 2014)
I'll be around on the event though :D
(Dec 15, 2014)
game doesn't excite me anymore so yeah :(
(Dec 15, 2014)
Around what sever time are you active, Caius? I haven't seen you in forever! :o